BOHO BARTENDER: The DO YOUR TEQUILA alcohol infusion package comes with 9 botanicals and three wooden chips in sustainable glass vials; two empty bottles with customizable labels and timber corks; an coaching booklet with tequila-inspired trivia, recipes and two colourful shot glasses.
SIGNATURE TEQUILA SUNRISE: You’re the mixologist: pick any mixture from our decision of a hundred percent herbal botanicals, which include Hawaiian salt, jalapeños, lime powder and American Sweetheart, to invent one-of-a-kind spirits.
DRINK’S ON ME: Our container units are intuitive, fun, and handy to use, a gorgeous birthday present concept for guys and girls alike. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or Father’s Day, a retirement celebration, wedding, or Christmas, the DO YOUR TEQUILA mixology set affords the whole lot you want to make bespoke alcohol infusions from home.

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STRAIGHT UP: This DIY package for tequila enthusiasts is one hundred percent recyclable, biodegradable, and plastic-free, handcrafted absolutely in the US. Coolest of all? Our DIY infusion units are local weather neutral, best for eco-conscious cocktails.
TOP-SHELF TASTE: Making special drinks has in no way been so easy. Give the present of one-of-a-kind cocktails with the DO YOUR TEQUILA infusion set. Please be aware that there is no alcohol protected in this DIY kit.

How did we get our start?

Leon is an aerospace engineer, the tinkerer in the duo who maintains song of matters when Vincent’s effervescent creativity has lengthy seeing that moved on to the subsequent laboratory test (an historical chemist’s habit).
What makes our merchandise unique?

When in doubt, much less is extra and selfmade is constantly higher than store-bought! We certainly love to test — and we prefer to ignore this pleasure on to our clients … with merchandise that additionally reduce a pleasant parent as gifts. After all, shared pleasure is double joy!

It’s that simple

Select your oak chips and fill them with the base alcohol in one of the two bottles. The getting old begins! Let the combination relaxation for 2–4 weeks (depending on your style preference) and check the depth of the taste in between.
Add your preference of botanicals and get stimulated via our recipes. Test after one week if you like the intensity.
After filtering you can serve your first personal Tequila or refine it to a cocktail. Cheers!

Rainbow Rowell
Drinking Tequila is extra about the trip than about the destination

In Mexico, it is traditionally under the influence of alcohol neat, except lime or salt — solely its style counts. Let your self be stimulated by using the infinite chances of tequila infusion! In addition to a giant choice of botanicals, we have additionally compiled a listing of advocated intensities and the instances and portions required. Of course, you can nonetheless experience your personal created tequila with salt and lemon or as a cocktail. Cheers!
Be creative, experiment
Unleash your special taste!

A pleasant resolution of botanicals, exquisite recipe ideas, stunning and sustainable substances — this makes our drink units very one-of-a-kind journey packages, which are additionally remarkable as gifts. Share this special journey with your cherished ones and get collectively for a cocktail evening. Whether for cocktail experts or beginners, our drink units will please everyone!

Gin, tonic, whiskey, rum, vodka and tequila — which set is your favorite?
Pure pleasure and experience
More than simply a gift

This set is now not solely a excessive high-quality gift. It is the possibility to experience enjoyable experiences together. A terrific shock at any celebration, Christmas, birthday or wedding. Each set comes exceptional packaged and prepared to provide a treat.

Show your cherished ones how tons you love them with this tequila present set!

What is covered in the set?

12 take a look at tubes with three types of oak chips and 9 chosen botanicals, two steel shot glasses, two batch bottles with timber corks and labels for man or woman labeling, booklet with beneficial tequila knowledge, guidelines and recipes

Is there alcohol in the base set?

No, you nonetheless have to get the alcohol base. We suggest a appropriate tequila blanco.

Do the elements run off in the set?

Our botanicals are freshly bottled and have a shelf lifestyles of at least two years. You will discover the first-class earlier than date on the outdoor of the box.

What measures do you take to make sure the satisfactory of your product?

The product is made of outstanding substances and domestically produced in USA.