Kotlin Programming Masterclass 2022: From Zero To Hero!

Learn the most popular programming language on Android and start building your apps – understand Java interoperability!

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This path teaches you Kotlin, from no longer understanding nothing about programming to an superior grasp about programming and, extra particularly, about Kotlin. We’ll commence through grasp the fundamentals of Kotlin, step by step and -most importantly – with self assurance we will go to greater superior topics, which I will cowl in depth the use of intuitive and realistic examples. Additionally, and the stop of every area I will supply you a undertaking to consolidate your understanding.

Topics included include:

Variable and Nullable kinds (Null safety)

Control flow: if statement-expression and when statement-expression

Loops: for, whilst and do whilst (Labels)

Functions: return, overloading, default values for parameters, and vargarg keyword


Object Oriented Programming: Classes, Objects, Interfaces, Abstract Classes, Companion Object, Singleton, Object Expression, etc.

Data Class

Collections: List, Set, Map and MutableList, MutableSet, MutableMap, Transformations, Comparable and Comparator,

Binary Search.

Generics: Type Parameters, Upper Bounds, Type Erasure, reified keyword

Generics: the place keyword, Covariance and Contravariance

Exceptions: Try and Catch, Finally

Packages and Imports


Lambda and Higher Order Functions

Lambda and Higher Order Functions – it key-word in lambda expression



Who this direction is for?

If you are a Java Developer and you favor to pass ahead with Kotlin- then, this route if for you!

If you are a novice who desires to analyze a new programming language, due to the fact you choose to create apps that are going to convey fee to the world and, implicitly, this ability that you will want to use android to make apps, due to the fact Kotlin now has the full help of Google, and that potential that Kotlin is going to remain and it is going to consolidate itself as a programming language and, extra particularly, as the Android programming language-then, this direction is for you!

Who this route is for:

This direction is for all people who wishes to analyze programming.