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A New Life For Your Hair

Learn about the story and the magic at the back of the VOLOOM volumizing hair iron.
Dear Friends,

I invented VOLOOM due to the fact my hair was once flat and lifeless, particularly as I obtained older, and there regarded to be nothing that I may want to do about it. And I tried the entirety – tools, sprays, mousses and each sort of device imaginable. Nothing worked.

Friends of mine, even the youthful ones, complained of the identical problem. Even these with thick hair located that it should lie flat due to its weight. It made us sense frumpy, unattractive, and even less
powerful than we felt when our hair was once full and fabulous. It turns out, the time period “bad hair day” is definitely code for “flat hair day” and it’s a foremost self assurance killer for women.

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So I determined to address the trouble by way of inventing the first Hair Volumizing Iron. The massive “aha moment” in designing VOLOOM used to be realizing that I had to create shape in the under-layers of the hair in order to raise the pinnacle layers up and away from the scalp. That shape wished to be sturdy besides displaying a awesome sample in the hair.

The patented VOLOOM plates are the secret. The beveled structures do the heavy lifting, growing the look of an awful lot increased volume—double or even triple the amount.

The waffle format of the plates diffuses any pattern left in the hair, and makes it appear natural— type of like naturally textured or wavy hair in the under-layers. And the plates have a ceramic coating to shield the hair.

Now I’m now not announcing that VOLOOM is the satisfactory aspect due to the fact that sliced bread
(even even though Modern Salon Magazine actually known as it the “greatest issue given that sliced bread for ladies with flat hair.”) But it does provide many girls their self assurance lower back and approves them to cease annoying about their hair and get on with extra necessary things. (By the way, the photo above is me on vacation. I hadn’t washed my hair in four days. I simply used VOLOOM and loved my trip!) And as an greater bonus, you may also locate –as I did – that you’re getting compliments on your hair all the time. And that feels simply great.

After seeing the success of the unique VOLOOM Classic, I designed two variations: VOLOOM Petite for ladies with medium size and medium first-class hair, and VOLOOM Rootie, for girls with shorter and finer hair.

Here’s to splendid hair days,
Patricia Lund, CEO

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What is VOLOOM?

The VOLOOM Hair Volumizing Iron is an totally one-of-a-kind styling tool, designed in particular to add splendid quantity to your hair. You without a doubt fashion your hair as you like, then as a ending step, on dry hair, use VOLOOM to add extent to the under-layers of the hair closest to the scalp. This offers the hair full, healthy, horny volume. Watch VOLOOM movies that exhibit you precisely how to get big hair volume.

Do I use it like a flat-iron or a curling-iron?

No. VOLOOM is designed to be used totally on the under-layers of hair, in particular to create volume. Unlike a flat iron or curling iron, you in no way pull VOLOOM via the hair, nor do you use it on the ends of your hair. You shut and launch it shortly on the hair close to the scalp and below a easy top-layer of your hair. You solely want to maintain it there lengthy adequate to say “VOLOOM” and then launch it. Close and launch VOLOOM two or three instances down the hair shaft to about eye or cheekbone level.

Does it genuinely work?

Yes!! There are so many merchandise out there that promise volume, however don’t deliver, that it can be challenging to believe. But you will be amazed by way of the lush, attractive extent that you are in a position to acquire with VOLOOM, even in fine, thinning or ageing hair. In fact, most humans discover that it can at least double the look of extent in their hair. See what 14 splendor specialists have to say about the VOLOOM Hair Volumizing Iron.

How does the VOLOOM Volumizing Iron work?

The secret is in the patented plates. Used in the under-layers of hair, VOLOOM creates hidden volumizing shape – natural-looking “volume pockets” – that raise the pinnacle layers up and away from the scalp. By keeping apart and lifting person hairs, VOLOOM creates the look of tons higher hair volume.

Isn’t VOLOOM simply a crimper?

No. Although they may also appear similar, not like crimpers, VOLOOM plates have been scientifically engineered specially to create lasting quantity and shape besides leaving a clear sample in the hair. Crimpers can create texture, however there is an undesirable crimp sample left in the hair. This is due to the fact crimpers have a very normal “saw-tooth” sample in the plates. VOLOOM plates, on the different hand, characteristic alternating systems with beveled edges that bend the hair gently, developing natural-looking “volume pockets” in the hair. Also, even extra importantly, crimpers do now not create almost as a whole lot “lift” in the under-layers of the hair (and have a tendency to fall down sooner), so the quantity created with crimpers is an awful lot much less obvious than with VOLOOM. Click right here to see the distinction between crimped and VOLOOMed hair!

What is the distinction between VOLOOM Classic, VOLOOM Petite, and VOLOOM ROOTIE the Rootlifter?

All of the VOLOOM irons share the equal standard facets that make them extraordinarily fine for including terrific extent to your hair. The splendid variations are the sizes of the patented plates and the dimension of the volumizing platforms. Women with longer or thicker hair who prefer to go glam love Classic. Those who prefer extra modest volume, or who have medium size or shorter or finer hair decide upon Petite or Rootie the Rootlifter. Take the VOLOOM quiz to see which is proper for your hair!.

How do I recognize which VOLOOM is proper for me?

If you have longer hair, thicker hair, or simply choose to go big, Classic will be the one. If you have medium size hair that is medium fine, Petite is your go-to tool. And if your hair is chin-length or shorter, or if you simply prefer a little enhance at the root, ROOTIE the Rootlifter will do the job. Take our quiz to discover out which device is first-rate for you.

What is the standard dimension distinction between VOLOOM Classic , VOLOOM Petite and VOLOOM ROOTIE the Rootlifter?

VOLOOM Classic has a 1.5 inch broad plate, whilst VOLOOM Petite has a 1-inch plate. VOLOOM ROOTIE the Rootlifter is a ¾ inch iron.

Can I use VOLOOM internationally?

Yes. VOLOOM has twin voltage, 120/240V.

NOTE: A plug adapter will nonetheless be wanted unique to the precise location you are journeying in.

How do I use VOLOOM?

It’s so easy!

  • First, make certain your hair is dry and styled as you like. (VOLOOM can be used on hair that is freshly styled or on 2nd or third day hair). Part your hair normally.
  • VOLOOM is made to be used on the under-layers of hair, which are included by means of an untreated pinnacle layer. Part your hair normally, and then part off the pinnacle layer that you would like to remain smooth, and clip it off to the side. This pinnacle layer of hair ought to be about ½ to 1 inch vast and run parallel to your normal part. This layer will continue to be easy and untreated. You will additionally choose to make positive that a small area of hair – about ½ to 1 inch huge — jogging alongside your face stays easy and untreated.
  • Separate out every other layer – about ½ to 1 inch extensive — below the pinnacle layer that is held through the clip. Close and launch VOLOOM rapidly on the hair close to the scalp, being cautious now not to burn the scalp. The first time you shut and launch VOLOOM, make positive that you do no longer maintain the iron on the hair longer than a 2d (about lengthy adequate to say “VOLOOM”).
  • Repeat this system as you go VOLOOM down the hair shaft, two to three times, stopping at about eye or cheekbone level. You can test with extra or less, relying on the size of your hair.
  • Clip this layer out of the way to hold it separate from the hair under so that you can deal with greater layers of hair. Repeat this system on as many layers as preferred till you attain the extent you like.Remember that VOLOOM is used entirely on the under-layers of the hair, so continually make positive that you have masses of easy hair masking the hair dealt with with VOLOOM. Check out this How-To Video for an overview of the VOLOOM technique!

What is the reachable temperature vary for VOLOOM?

VOLOOM’s temperature is adjustable in 5 diploma increments beginning at 220 levels Fahrenheit and going up to 395 degrees.

How do I recognize what temperature to use for my hair?

VOLOOM’s digital controls and readout provide you entire manipulate over temperature, which can be adjusted each 5 degrees, beginning from as low as 220 stages Fahrenheit going up to 395 degrees.

Here’s a primary guide.The first time you use VOLOOM, pick out a decrease temperature than you suppose you would possibly need, till you get the dangle of the technique. If you desire to use a greater setting, be positive to GRADUALLY expand the temperature. Never fashion hair for the first time on a excessive putting as you may also harm your hair. Use solely as a lot warmth as you want in order to put texture in your hair.

If you simply don’t like a lot of warmness on your hair, you usually have the choice of deciding on a decrease temperature and preserving VOLOOM on for barely longer. Just scan to locate out what temperature works quality for your precise hair type.

Will VOLOOM harm my hair?

VOLOOM has been designed to assist you reap most consequences whilst minimizing the achievable for hair damage. It is to be used solely on the hair close to the scalp and a few inches down the hair shaft. This hair is wealthy in herbal protecting oils – your very own herbal warmness protection. Unlike different warm tools, it is in no way used on the ends of hair, most inclined to damage.

Plus, VOLOOM has shielding ceramic lined plates, as nicely as ionic technological know-how that assist to seal the cuticle and defend from damage. All of these aspects defend the hair.

Most girls over-wash and over-style their hair due to the fact it falls flat if they don’t. With VOLOOM, you’ll possibly discover that you can without problems go greater days except washing due to the fact your hair is by no means flat! This alternate in your normal hair activities potential that you’ll locate that you want to shampoo, color, and heat-style your hair much less regularly with VOLOOM, inflicting much less injury to your hair over time.

Over the lengthy term, your hair have to virtually get more healthy with VOLOOM!

Will I see an imprint in my hair?

VOLOOM works by means of developing shape in the under-layers of hair that are blanketed by means of an untreated pinnacle layer. When you first clamp down on hair the usage of VOLOOM, you will see an imprint. This is the volumizing structure, or “volume pockets” that will keep up the pinnacle layers. But as soon as the hair cools or you brush via it, this imprint will ease and soften, leaving solely a mild affect and plenty larger hair volume. Most girls discover that they are effortlessly capable to disguise this imprint underneath the easy outer layer of hair. If it does exhibit through, you can deal with the region rapidly with a flat-iron or curling iron to easy it out. When you use VOLOOM again, you ought to attempt the usage of a thicker pinnacle hair layer for increased coverage. Check out this wonderful quick Instagram How-To Video displaying a close-up of the imprint.

Will the hair quantity I get with VOLOOM last?

Absolutely! That’s the fantastic part. The quantity that you get is
“heat-locked” into your hair, not like the extent you get with sprays and
gels, which can weigh the hair down and make it fall flat. This means
that your extent will ultimate for days or till you get your hair wet.

Do I want to use hair volumizing sprays, mousses, or gels with VOLOOM?

Not if you don’t choose to. VOLOOM can supply you primary extent all by
itself. But if you desire a little improve barring weighing your hair down,
you can use one of our VOLOOM Very Airy low residue styling products,
designed particularly to work with VOLOOM. Just be positive that your hair
is absolutely dry when you use VOLOOM.