We’re a regeneration movement.
We are connecting and replenishing everything.
Why cease at top enough, when we recognize there can usually be A Better Better?


We are WhatIF Foods and we trust in a higher better.

Tasty, scrumptious meals that are higher for our bodies, higher for our style buds and farmer buds alike. Better for degraded lands, our eco-systems and naturally… higher for cows.

Better for aliens who are possibly upset we’re hurting the earth they’ve been patiently ready to conquer. Better for zombies who crave healthful our bodies (and brains).

Regenerative meals are actually higher for everyone.

This is higher than plant-based food. It’s planet-based food.

The product of a query we ask ourselves each day – What if…there’s A Better Better?

Your Impact

Let’s make a trade for the better. Even little modifications make a difference. If we begin the use of regenerative vegetation for our food, we will make an impact. A large influence that our future selves will thank us for.

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A Better Better starts offevolved with Regeneration

So, the place do we begin? Good information is, we’ve already started.

We’re harvesting a mostly forgotten plant, a hero crop, with regenerative exceptional powers.It’s known as the Bambara Groundnut. Or BamNut, as it has been fondly nicknamed. It’s a factor of splendor due to the fact it’s higher for our soils, our our bodies and all our futures. But, this is simply the beginning.

The begin of what we name the WhatIF Way. A higher way forward. As a company, we’re looking out our large planet for different regenerative plant life like the BamNut. Looking for plants that can top off our bodies, repair our soils and reconnect us to their growers.

(Psst. If you come throughout any on your travels, we’ll pop over with our bucket hats and spades!)

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Obsessive. Passionate. Possibly wanting a therapist.

We’re the WhatIF crew of agriculturists, meals scientists, operational specialists, marketeers and greater from round the world who accept as true with in making higher even better.

Change-making, culture-caring humans who have a lust for life. Not simply for the now, however for the future.

(Some of us experience like dinosaurs, some of us seem like zombies, and the relaxation may want to nicely be aliens, for all you know.)

Food & Health Related Questions

General Diet Related Questions

Are your merchandise plant-based, vegetarian, vegan friendly?

Yes, sure and sure – they are! Animal fanatics who trust their meals shouldn’t scream can verify they do now not comprise any animal-derived ingredients.

Are WhatIF Foods merchandise gluten-free?

While our BamNut Milk is gluten-free, we’ve gotta inform you that our noods comprise wheat and are consequently no longer gluten-free.

Are your merchandise keto-friendly?

The straight up reply is: our ingredients aren’t surely keto-friendly. WhatIF consider the superior weight-reduction plan is various and balanced in macro-nutrients with respectable quantities of complicated carbs, fats, and proteins. Best to ask an accepted practitioner if you have any underlying clinical stipulations and have been prescribed a keto diet.

Are you licensed organic?

Cards on the table, we don’t have natural certification at this stage. BUT we are working actual challenging to be Regeneratively Certified instead! That said, our BamNuts are grown the use of natural standards and all WhatIF Foods merchandise do no longer comprise genetically modified organisms (GMOs), or components produced from GMOs.

Are you licensed Non-GMO?

Yep, all our BamNut Milk merchandise are presently Non-GMO mission verified. For our noodles, all of the substances in our noods are mindfully sourced, however they are now not Non-GMO venture confirmed yet.

Are WhatIF merchandise Halal certified?

More correct news. All our BamNut Milk merchandise are Halal licensed by using JAKIM and we’re working like loopy to get our Noods licensed too! Rest assured, all our merchandise are made in factories that are free of meat and alcohol.

Do any of the WhatIF Foods merchandise comprise palm oil?

Nope! We defo do now not use any palm oil in any of our products. Period. What affect does this have? Well, take a look at out some essential records at WhatIF Way page.

Any allergens that want to be flagged?

Our major ingredient is the Bambara Groundnut, which is a legume associated to peanuts, consequently if you have a peanut hypersensitive reaction it is possibly really helpful to keep away from eating BamNuts. Our merchandise are additionally made in a manufacturing unit that handles wheat, soy, and tree nuts.

Make certain you evaluate the allergen area of every product, on line or in person, earlier than diving in.

Can most cancers sufferers consume your products?

For these present process clinical treatment, it’s essential to have great nutrient replenishment, ample relaxation and to comply with coaching from your care doctor.

Our noods are a precise supply of protein and fiber, and are solely air-fried, as hostile to deep fried like different immediate noodles. This maintains your tummies crammed with solely the appropriate stuff.

For the excellent recommendation – whip up our dietary data of our merchandise right here and have a accurate chat with your care physician on what’s excellent for you.