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Natural, Handmade, and Luxurious Skin Care

La Savonnerie Divine handcrafts every product intending to furnish clients with comforting soaps containing first-rate ingredients. We hand-select every ingredient that goes into our non-public care merchandise due to the fact we don’t consider harsh chemical substances and artificial supplies need to be used on your subtle skin. Your pores and skin will appear as divine as the merchandise you use on it.

Who We Are & What We Do

France has been acknowledged for its cleaning soap making for centuries, however the exercise has been hooked up in view that the seventeenth century. With such a deep history and recognition for cleaning soap making, the group believed La Savonnerie Divine, or “the divine cleaning soap factory,” used to be the ideal name.

Today’s famous soaps are now not actual soap. Instead, they are crammed with artificial materials, harsh chemicals, and irritants that damage the pores and skin as an alternative than nurture. Real cleaning soap is made naturally via mixing lye and herbal oils via a method referred to as saponification.

We use this method to produce our cleaning soap whilst additionally including herbal scents and colorants. Our non-public care merchandise are made from herbal ingredients, are in no way examined on animals, and are modeled after famous candy treats to supply you even increased alleviation when the usage of them.

Real Soap Making Process

Our cleaning soap goes via the system recognised as saponification, the combination of an alkali with oils or fats. This system is how herbal handmade cleaning soap is produced. It can even be replicated in your very own domestic with a few easy ingredients.

Natural Ingredients and Cruelty-Free

We keep away from harsh chemical compounds and artificial resources when making our soap. Our cleaning soap makes use of herbal components determined in vegetation all over the planet. Additionally, none of our merchandise are examined on animals for their protection and care.

Delightful Desserts

If you haven’t observed yet, you’ll locate most of our merchandise are designed after famous candy treats and desserts. They odor and soothe as nicely as they look. Treat your pores and skin like you would your style buds with our dessert soaps and bathtub bombs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions involving our products? We understand. Here are a handful of FAQs we have answered to assist instruct you about our commercial enterprise and products.
Are bathtub bombs protected for kids?

Yes, as lengthy as the bathtub bombs are made from herbal ingredients. All of La Savonnerie Divine’s merchandise are made from herbal substances like coconut oil, palm oil, cocoa butter, and shea butter. These substances are recognised for their herbal moisturizing capabilities. You can assume our bathtub bombs to care for your children’s pores and skin no count number how sensitive.

Do tub bombs expire?

In a way, yes. The longer you wait to use your tub bombs, the much less fizzy and scented they become. As time goes on, the herbal elements such as the oils evaporate. When these components disappear, the tub bomb doesn’t work like it used to be designed. We suggest the usage of our bathtub bombs inside three months of purchasing.

What is glycerin soap?

Glycerin is made from plant-based oils and is definitely natural. Glycerin soap does no longer include any alcohol, harsh chemicals, or artificial fragrances that may additionally upset the skin. All of La Savonnerie Divine’s cleaning soap merchandise are handmade the usage of glycerin.

Many medical doctors advocate glycerin cleaning soap for these with dry pores and skin prerequisites like acne, eczema, and psoriasis. Instead of stripping the pores and skin of herbal oils and nutrients, glycerin cleaning soap locks in moisture to promote healthful skin.

How is La Savonnerie Divine’s cleaning soap made?

The handmade cleaning soap at La Savonnerie Divine is like handmade cleaning soap you can make at home. We use the equal method to comprehend the cleaning soap is secure and meets the pleasant we expect.

In general, cleaning soap is made from a combine of fats or oil and an alkali. Alkali is an ionic salt of an alkali metal, which dissolves in water. Handsoap makes use of an alkali recognised as lye, additionally acknowledged as sodium hydroxide.

By itself, lye is corrosive and can irritate the skin. However, making handmade cleaning soap eliminates the presence of lye with a manner recognized as saponification. This happens when lye is brought to water and then combined with oils or fats. As the components emulsify, the substance will thicken, and the fats or oil is transformed into soap.

From there, we pour the combination into excellent molds and let them harden. It isn’t till the cleaning soap is completed hardening we begin to flip them into delicious-looking bathtub treats.

Is La Savonnerie Divine cruelty-free?

Yes, none of our merchandise are examined on animals. We accept as true with in the care and sustainability of the environment, such as its many inhabitants. Expect solely the most ethically-sourced and examined cleaning soap treats from La Savonnerie Divine.

Are La Savonnerie Divine’s merchandise made from herbal ingredients?

Yes, all of our merchandise include herbal components secure for all pores and skin types. Each of our product descriptions has a special listing of the components used, so you recognize what is interior every object you purchase. You’ll locate we take excessive care in crafting our merchandise from herbal components that provide severa advantages to your skin.

The listing beneath is a small pattern of the herbal substances in our care products:

Cocoa butter
Shea butter
Coconut oil
Almond oil
Goat Milk